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What can                        do for me?

Club Management

Record Books and More

  • Easily View/Track member project activity

  • Custom reporting w/ Club Rosters, Attendance, and Project Summaries

  • Club Calendar and Events Tool

  • Club Communication via Zingbooks, email, and text messaging

  • All State/County/Club admin accounts are FREE!

  • County Leaders can track all clubs in their county

  • Meeting Attendance Tool

  • Easily track club expenses and income

  • Project types match USDA project types/categories required for the ES237 report.

  • Track multiple projects simultaneously

  • All Project data saved for 7 years

  • Reports can be customized to meet your needs (including logos)

  • Document Center allows clubs/counties to store docs for member downloads

  • Club Leader Volunteer Hours Tracker

  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and all current web browsers

  • Get immediate support (8-5 EST) via chat straight from the app

  • Want something new?  We want to hear from you.  We are very responsive to change/add requests.

  • Give you and your members a more 'real world' way to track project data

  • Easy password resets

  • Things to come:

    • Update tracker allows you to see how often members update their record books

    • Online Judging Platform

    • Event Registration/Payment

How it works

Hardee County, Florida


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