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  • How can I get Zingbooks for my club?
    Just visit and click the 'Sign Up' button. This will walk you through the signup wizard. If you're state/county/club isn't on the list yet, follow the instructions for getting added. It fast and simple!
  • Can I add pictures to my projects in Zingbooks?
    You bet! Zingbooks allows you to take photos on your phone, or digital camera, and easily upload photos to your project. This includes receipts as well.
  • Can I get special pricing for my county or club?
    Yes you can. You'll need to have an agreement with us stating that your entire county or club intends on using ZingBooks for your record book platform. Check out our Pricing page for exact pricing information.
  • What platforms does ZingBooks support?
    ZingBooks is compatible with iOS, Android, and all computers (with a browser and internet access). Yes, that includes Mac.
  • How many projects can I have with ZingBooks?
    You can have as many as you like. We also archive your project data, so you can review it at a later time, if needed. Sometimes club members need to view Leadership and Community Service data when signing up for college, so we make sure it's right at your fingertips.
  • What if my record book layout differs from ZingBooks?
    Let us know. Many times we're able to easily edit the current layout for a project type to match your needs. We are always open to hearing from our clients, as this is what makes us better.
  • If my fair board, or other entity, doesn't accept typed/printed formats, can I still store my data/pictures on Zingbooks?"
    Yes you can. Zingbooks can easily store your data throughout the year in a single location, making it easy to print out when you're ready to create your hand written record books. No more losing receipts or other data throughout the year. Use Zingbooks to make sure your project data is safe and there when you need it.
  • Is our company directly affiliated with 4-H, FFA, or any other youth club organization?"
    No. Our company is an indepenent software development firm. We do have clients associated with 4-H, FFA, and other clubs, but we are not directly connected to any of these organizations. We do support them, and their missions, and will work hard to be benefactors for these organizations putting so much into the lives of our youth.
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