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                        doesn't only do record books.

Our app includes a ton of Club Management tools to assist you with running your club.  Check these out....


Club Calendar

Keep your clients up to date with what’s happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection. 


To-Do Lists

Don't worry about forgetting items you need to complete.  Zingbooks provides an easy 'To-Do List' tool that allows you to enter items you need to get done later.  When you're done, just check them off and they're gone.


Club Messenger

Zingbooks gives county and club leaders an easy communication tool with Club Messenger.  Just type in a message and everyone logging onto Zingbooks will see your message!  Soon, the messenger will allow users to email and text messages to all club/count contacts.  Zingbooks is all about making club life easier for everyone!


Meeting Manager

Club secretaries can now keep track of meeting attendance, minutes, special activities, speakers, and much more via the ZingBooks app.  Not only that, but they can easily send the Monthly Club Meeting Report right to the county extension agents in just a few clicks.  No more paper!  No more hassle!!


File Library

Clubs no longer have to worry about members not having a copy of the bylaws, rules, or whatever document you have distributed to them.  Why?  The Zingbooks File Library allows county and club leaders to upload files for easy download by all club members.  Yet another way Zingbooks makes life easier!

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